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    Reduced Noise Edinburgh

    Living in a city means that you get numerous cultural, financial and lifestyle benefits. Being that it is the capital of Scotland, living in Edinburgh gives you access to several unique shops, restaurants and events that can enrich your life. However, city living also comes with a number of disadvantages and problems that you will need to either learn to live with or sort out. For one, big cities can be noisy. This can be off-putting, particularly if you have a conservatory that doesn’t have noise reduction. Our roofs provide reduced noise in Edinburgh so that you can relax in your conservatory without being disturbed by the sounds of the city.

    While noise is subjective and everyone has different levels of tolerance, it is universally accepted that loud noise at night is an annoyance. From the extremely popular Fringe Festival during the summer to the Christmas market during the winter, you cannot escape loud events in the capital. Added to that, throughout the entire year there is a consistently busy network of roads and structures. People who live in Edinburgh are increasingly exposed to sound in all hours of the day, and loud noises in cities are considered a global problem that is recognised by the World Health Organisation. According to WHO, a noise level of 55 decibels overnight is considered harmful to health as it will disturb sleep and end up causing stress.

    It is true that noise pollution is an issue when it comes to conservatory roofs. Polycarbonate roofs in particular act like a drum-skin when it comes to rain, amplifying the sound and making it an unpleasant space to be in. The problem won’t be fixed by swapping to a glass roof either, as glass roofs that are insulated will amplify any noise, nevermind just rain. No one wants to be in a room that is uncomfortably loud. It can make your conservatory unbearable to be in, especially when it is rainy.

    The patented Guardian Solid Roof is the perfect solution for any noise issues you are having with your conservatory. The layers of insulation will ensure that you won’t be bothered regardless of how busy the area you are residing in is. You can make your conservatory a bedroom and have a guaranteed good night’s sleep. You can transform your conservatory into an office and have enough quiet to get tons of work done. Our team of expert installers will give you a fantastic product that will be worth every penny. Reduced noise in Edinburgh is a priceless gift that we are thrilled to be able to offer our clients. You can fill out our contact form online for phone us on 01563 536733 for more information.