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    Reduced Noise Inverness

    Replacing Your RoofFor many people, a conservatory seems like the ideal way to gain some extra living space and create a place of peacefulness. However, often the reality is rather different. During periods of rain and strong winds, conservatories can be uncomfortably loud. This is particularly an issue during the autumn and winter months when the weather can be quite severe. This can lead to customers who are unhappy with their conservatory. Guardian Roof provides conservatory roofs with reduced noise in Inverness to make customers happier with their conservatory investment.

    Conservatory roofs that are made from glass or polycarbonate materials can be particularly loud, as they are not normally insulated and tend to amplify noise. This poor insulation can lead to customers feeling cold when spending time in their conservatory, often limiting the conservatory’s usability during the colder months of the year.

    At Guardian Roof, we provide customers with a lightweight roofing solution with improved insulation to ensure that the outside noise does not travel inside. This lightweight roofing system is ideal for any conservatory because it doesn’t affect the framework of the building, whilst also improving the insulation dramatically. The new and improved insulation prevents heat from escaping, ensuring that customers can use their conservatories all year long.

    Guardian Roof is a major supplier of conservatory roofs not only in Inverness, but also across Scotland, and has been supplying trade installers for several years. Our roofing systems are unique and are built from state of the art construction methods. Guardian Roof systems are quick, clean and easy to install. Taking only 5 days or less to build, the Guardian Roof system creates a quick turnover time for both the customer and installer.

    Completely compliant with all thermal and structural standards, the Guardian Roof system is comprised of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internally insulated plasterboard, coupled with exterior grade plywood and vapour membrane. This combination of high-quality materials creates an insulated living space, which keeps the heat in and the noise out, and subsequently creates happy customers.

    Guardian Roof provides a patented and guaranteed product that offers reduced noise in Inverness. With a variety of different roof tiles and types available, the roofing systems at Guardian Roof are sure to appeal to all customers. To gain an insight into the installation process and how we work at Guardian Roof, you can watch the installation video on our website to see how Guardian Roof systems can change the lives of your customers. For more information on how you can get reduced noise in Inverness, please feel free to get in contact!